What You Need to Know About Gun Control in the US

Written by What Is Gun Control on February 19, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Gun control debate

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that the Bill of Rights included a guarantee of the personal right to own a gun. The decision was both a measure of how far the pro gun debate had moved, and a blow to many of the stricter gun control laws adopted by cities like Washington, Chicago and New York.

With so many recent news topics surrounding gun control, the gun control debate has continued to grow at a furious rate. The internet is filled with gun control facts and gun control statistics, and inquiries about exactly what is gun control and what we should know about it.

After a series of tragic large scale shootings, including Virginia Tech in 2007, the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and 18 others in 2011, the deaths of 12 people at a movie theater in Colorado in July 2012, and the Sandy hook Elementary School shootings in 2013, bills were introduced, but went no where.

However, in January, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York and state lawmakers agreed on changes to gun laws that would expand the state’s ban on assault weapons and include new measures to keep guns away from people with mental illnesses. Approval of the legislation made New York the first state to act in response to the shootings.

While some see this is a progressive step forward, others see this as a direct violation of the second constitutional amendment. While gun statistics suggest that violent crime using fire arm has gone down significantly, according to Science 2.0, where America is dropping the ball is in the area of mental health. In each case of mass murder in the last 20 years, the perpetrators were taking powerful psychotropic medications, indicating severe systemic mental illness.

The real issue could be seen as the media. Media exposure in our daily lives tends to expand every issue, including gun control, into a larger deal than need be. This quickly leads to more people taking more actions and taking more action than ever before. This applies to all issues, not just gun control. While there appears to be no clear cut solution to the gun control debate, there appears to be major head way being made, suggesting we are not far from a conclusion.

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