The Gun Control Debate in America Rages On

Written by What Is Gun Control on July 31, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Gun control facts

The gun control debate has always been highly contentious in the United States, but it has flared up particularly within the last several years, in light of mass shootings like those in Tuscon, Arizona, Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut, among others.

Each side of this debate has a vested interest. Those who are strongly against the increased regulation of firearms regularly cite the Second Amendment as a safeguard against what is perceived as an abuse of government power. Led by the National Rifle Association, pro gun advocates are generally of the opinion that new legislation, which could require universal background checks, limit the kinds of guns that are legal to use, i.e. assault weapons, or restrict the use of high capacity magazines, would be detrimental to their ability to defend themselves. Some fear that such measures would lead down a slippery slope culminating in the apprehension of citizens firearms by a tyrannical government.

Those who are in favor of stricter legislation regulating gun ownership in this country cite gun control statistics that the United States owns more guns than any other nation in the world. Also, among countries with comparable levels of economic development, the U.S. records the most homicides due to guns. These countries with less gun homicide tend to have harsher gun laws in place.

That being said, though gun control facts are readily available, what to do in response to those facts on a national level still seems to pose an insurmountable problem. Legislatively, a deeply divided Congress is essentially at a standstill along, divided along party lines. Each side seems to find separate gun control statistics to cite, which prove the validity of its perspective. Republicans are staunchly against it, while most Democrats are open to pursuing legislation that would provide some reforms.

Fundamentally, a resolution regarding this highly divisive issue can only be reached once we collectively decide as a nation that we will ask the frank question, What is gun control going to look like in this country? How can we protect the the well being of the American people and still preserve Second Amendment rights?

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