Take Some Time to Brush on Your Gun Control Knowledge

Written by What Is Gun Control on March 13, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Gun control facts

The gun control debate is growing hotter each day. The tragedies that have occurred in recent memory because of gun laws that many consider to be too relaxed have spurred a national and, to an extent, global outcry for gun control reform. Many politicians are split between what the Bill of Rights guarantees each American through the 2nd Amendment and adjusting laws to placate to the society we live in today. The truth of the matter is that gun control facts do not lie. Staggering gun control statistics show that, no matter how others try and twist it, we do not use guns for the same reason our forefathers did. Only 5 percent of Americans are hunters today whereas 6,107,512 firearms were manufactured in the United States. Does that sound like the country James Madison had in mind when drafting our countries foundation of personal liberties? If you say yes, you might want to review some more gun control facts.

Some people might wonder ‘What is gun control?’ Gun control pertains to any law, rule, or proposed regulations that inhibit the production, sale, ownership, and use of firearms. Despite gun control facts that provide clear cut evidence of overwhelming gun ownership, the debate around gun control is so polarized that it has brought the United States to a standstill. Those for gun control use gun control facts to argue that more regulations need to be put on the purchasing power of individuals, such as background checks, limited number of bullets that can be fired, and even reducing the type of weapon to a standard firing rate. Those against gun control claim that it is invasion of their personal rights and individual freedoms and also claim that guns make them ‘feel safer’ because it allows them to defend themselves.

Both side have valid arguments but, in reality, gun control facts indicate that, as one example, people are more likely to use a baseball bat or a kitchen iron in self defense than they are to use a gun. Research also suggests that 50 percent of suicides are a result of guns. To determine which side you are on, review gun control facts and give yourself a foundation of information. The debate is heating up in result of mass shootings occurring more frequently. Which side will you land on?

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