How Both Sides Use Gun Control Statistics To Prove Their Points

Written by What Is Gun Control on March 1, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Gun control statistics

For any person with a heart, gun control statistics are pretty devastating. However people side on the ongoing battle for control over gun regulation, all know that gun control facts are pretty alarming in this country and worldwide. For people who believe that stronger gun control is necessary, these gun control statistics serve as eye opening reasons to advocate for such things. For people against stricter gun control regulations, these statistics often are reinterpreted and show how stronger laws would negatively affect the country.

Everyone obviously has their own opinions about how to handle the gun control debate, and both sides use gun control statistics to argue their points and strengthen their arguments. For example, people who believe in more regulations for guns point to the number of children and innocent bystanders who are harmed and even killed each year by guns. Using these gun control statistics, those in favor of stronger laws advocate for them by asking the question what is gun control and by showing graphs and charts depicting how much less violence could occur if it were more difficult to purchase guns. The statistics thrown out there would normally come from advocacy agencies, though in many cases independent parties without one stance or another on the issue of controlling guns in the U.S. make these gun control statistics available too.

On the other side of the debate are those who feel that stronger gun laws would not do a thing to prevent violence. For these people, using gun control statistics to prove that life would be just the same if not worse with stronger regulations helps to prove their point. They cite the Second Amendment rights and freedoms that Americans enjoy, and they often point to gun control statistics showing that most guns that kill kids or innocent people are purchased illegally anyway and cannot be controlled even with stronger laws.

However they fight it, both parties use gun control statistics to prove their points. Sometimes their points get lost in discussions of how personal these issues are to people. Other times, they hit the nail on the head with their assessments and their reinterpretations of these statistics. It matters where they get their statistics from too because some agencies skew in one direction or another to help prove their own agendas. But in all cases, both sides of the equation use these statistics in proving their points.

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