Gun Control Debate Myths versus Facts

Written by What Is Gun Control on June 24, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Gun control facts

One of the biggest issues in media right now is gun control. The gun control debate has two very vocal sides at war with each other. What is gun control, exactly? It is a system of policies and legislation aimed at restricting or limiting the sale of firearms to citizens. The gun control debate has grown during the past year or two because of many prominent gun killings that have dominated media attention. People have begun to wonder whether we are being too lax in our distribution of firearms.

In the gun control debate, the pro firearm side finds their strength in the second amendment, the right to bear arms. They point out that the people killing with guns are already committing illegal acts, and someone who will do illegal things will not think twice about purchasing an illegal gun, thus the laws would only restrict responsible citizens.

This argument starts to fall apart when you look at gun control statistics, however. The states with the most restrictions on gun purchasing and ownership experience the lowest rates of gun violence and death, while the reverse is true for the states with the most lenient laws. The idea of a country restricting gun ownership is not hypothetical either, since many countries, most industrialized nations, in fact, have stricter governing laws. It is probably not surprising that, compared to similarly advanced countries, the US has a disproportionate amount of gun violence.

Why is this important to the gun control debate? The reality of the situation is, when people continue to assert their right to own guns without restrictions because of the second amendment, they are asserting the righteousness of an old document over the lives of children, parents, grandparents, people that will end up getting killed. Statistically, there is a 100 percent likelihood more people will be killed if gun laws are not changed.

You have heard the gun control myths, and these are the gun control facts. What will you do with them?

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