Gun Control Statistics

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Gun control statistics

The issue of gun control has always sparked debates between people who are against gun control and people who are for gun control. While both sides may seem to put forth valid points arguing their case, it is important to get familiar with gun control statistics. Recent studies show that 50 percent of the people surveyed said it is important to have strict gun control. Only 46 percent of the people surveyed said it is important o protect the rights of gun owners. Each state has their own laws and regulations governing how people are able to purchase and own firearms.

Connecticut, for instance, has a 14 day waiting period on people who purchase firearms. South Dakota only has a 48 hour waiting period on gun buyers. Not every single state in America requires gun owners to register their guns. California is one state that requires gun owners to register their guns while Washington only requires registration for handguns only. Understanding gun control facts is the first step towards understanding whether stricter gun laws will work or not. The gun control debate often brings in issues like how Chicago has one of the Nation’s highest crime rates while at the same time having the strictest gun laws.

Plenty of blogs and other websites provide gun control statistics in a comprehensible format so that people can better understand this issue. If you are looking up gun control statistics, be sure to compare those statistics with other sites. The last thing you want to do is get a skewed few on the numbers. What is gun control going to do for us? That is the question that everyone thinks they have the answer. There really is not anything new about the gun control debate and firearms are under constant attack because of the latest shootings in America. More on gun control statistics is available online.

Gun Control Debate

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Gun control facts

The gun control debate started getting serious during the beginning of 2013. After the Sandy Hook shooting a number of debates about the gun control issue is heard on the mainstream media every single day. Even if you have been living under a rock, chances are you are fully aware of the current gun issues that are being bought to the table by the federal government. Some state and local governments are also joining the bandwagon. Understanding whether or not stricter gun laws will work requires some research about gun statistics. Finding information about gun statistics is obviously best done online.

A variety of personal and political interests are wrapped up in the gun control debate. Getting educated about gun control facts is the first step to take if you want to pick a side on this issue. The concept of arms control is not anything new and even ancient civilization recorded arms control before guns were ever invented. Swords and arrows are prohibited to slaves and other classes of citizens in ancient times. Today, we live in a violent society that involves a high number of crimes committed with firearms. The latest gun control debate is focused on who should be able to own and carry firearms.

In the past, the gun control debate mainly focused on what types of firearms people can have. Bringing the Second Amendment to the table is totally unavoidable once you start talking about stricter gun laws. Gun control statistics are found on social networking sites, major search engines, news sites and even blogs. Getting familiar with certain statistics will help anyone figure out if more gun control is the answer. Reading both sides of the gun debate issue is helpful for understanding what is gun control all about. More information about the gun control debate is easily found online.

We Need to Rethink This One

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Gun control facts

Many laws have come into debate in recent history and none is more prevalent than gun control laws. The gun control debate raises the question ‘what is gun control?’ and it deserves a fair answer. What is gun control? By definition, gun control is anything that promotes regulation, governance, and production of firearms. Many Americans believe that it is their Constitutional right to own firearms as they see fit but gun control statistics show that people are abusing that right and, as a result, people are dying. If you think you can sit idly by while others ask the question what is gun control, you are wrong and until we all pick a side and figure this issue out, we are going to lose more and more people every day due to gun violence.

When people wonder what is gun control, it is an easy question to ask with a hard answer. The truth is gun control facts provide evidence that things like suicides, mass murders on US soil, and social violence would all take a decrease with some sort of moderation in our gun policies. With so many people wondering what is gun control, it is hard for those who think it is too soft to stray away from the idea to buy up as much firepower as they can. The perception that the government wants to take away guns is an outright myth. to see for yourself, research what is gun control and give yourself a foundation of policy law and information to decide which side you are on.

still people are asking what is gun control and it is probably because they just do not know the specifics of it all. If you know some of these people, explain to them your stance and give them the same advice you have gotten here. Research the policies being proposed and implemented throughout the country to give yourself an idea of what type of changes are coming. If you still have more questions, dive into the facts and statistics to find out what is gun control. Make the most of your voice and let it be heard when it comes to the debate surrounding the sensitive topic of gun control and help hear the voice of the many American families that have lost loved ones.

Take Some Time to Brush on Your Gun Control Knowledge

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Gun control facts

The gun control debate is growing hotter each day. The tragedies that have occurred in recent memory because of gun laws that many consider to be too relaxed have spurred a national and, to an extent, global outcry for gun control reform. Many politicians are split between what the Bill of Rights guarantees each American through the 2nd Amendment and adjusting laws to placate to the society we live in today. The truth of the matter is that gun control facts do not lie. Staggering gun control statistics show that, no matter how others try and twist it, we do not use guns for the same reason our forefathers did. Only 5 percent of Americans are hunters today whereas 6,107,512 firearms were manufactured in the United States. Does that sound like the country James Madison had in mind when drafting our countries foundation of personal liberties? If you say yes, you might want to review some more gun control facts.

Some people might wonder ‘What is gun control?’ Gun control pertains to any law, rule, or proposed regulations that inhibit the production, sale, ownership, and use of firearms. Despite gun control facts that provide clear cut evidence of overwhelming gun ownership, the debate around gun control is so polarized that it has brought the United States to a standstill. Those for gun control use gun control facts to argue that more regulations need to be put on the purchasing power of individuals, such as background checks, limited number of bullets that can be fired, and even reducing the type of weapon to a standard firing rate. Those against gun control claim that it is invasion of their personal rights and individual freedoms and also claim that guns make them ‘feel safer’ because it allows them to defend themselves.

Both side have valid arguments but, in reality, gun control facts indicate that, as one example, people are more likely to use a baseball bat or a kitchen iron in self defense than they are to use a gun. Research also suggests that 50 percent of suicides are a result of guns. To determine which side you are on, review gun control facts and give yourself a foundation of information. The debate is heating up in result of mass shootings occurring more frequently. Which side will you land on?

How Both Sides Use Gun Control Statistics To Prove Their Points

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Gun control statistics

For any person with a heart, gun control statistics are pretty devastating. However people side on the ongoing battle for control over gun regulation, all know that gun control facts are pretty alarming in this country and worldwide. For people who believe that stronger gun control is necessary, these gun control statistics serve as eye opening reasons to advocate for such things. For people against stricter gun control regulations, these statistics often are reinterpreted and show how stronger laws would negatively affect the country.

Everyone obviously has their own opinions about how to handle the gun control debate, and both sides use gun control statistics to argue their points and strengthen their arguments. For example, people who believe in more regulations for guns point to the number of children and innocent bystanders who are harmed and even killed each year by guns. Using these gun control statistics, those in favor of stronger laws advocate for them by asking the question what is gun control and by showing graphs and charts depicting how much less violence could occur if it were more difficult to purchase guns. The statistics thrown out there would normally come from advocacy agencies, though in many cases independent parties without one stance or another on the issue of controlling guns in the U.S. make these gun control statistics available too.

On the other side of the debate are those who feel that stronger gun laws would not do a thing to prevent violence. For these people, using gun control statistics to prove that life would be just the same if not worse with stronger regulations helps to prove their point. They cite the Second Amendment rights and freedoms that Americans enjoy, and they often point to gun control statistics showing that most guns that kill kids or innocent people are purchased illegally anyway and cannot be controlled even with stronger laws.

However they fight it, both parties use gun control statistics to prove their points. Sometimes their points get lost in discussions of how personal these issues are to people. Other times, they hit the nail on the head with their assessments and their reinterpretations of these statistics. It matters where they get their statistics from too because some agencies skew in one direction or another to help prove their own agendas. But in all cases, both sides of the equation use these statistics in proving their points.

What You Need to Know About Gun Control in the US

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Gun control debate

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that the Bill of Rights included a guarantee of the personal right to own a gun. The decision was both a measure of how far the pro gun debate had moved, and a blow to many of the stricter gun control laws adopted by cities like Washington, Chicago and New York.

With so many recent news topics surrounding gun control, the gun control debate has continued to grow at a furious rate. The internet is filled with gun control facts and gun control statistics, and inquiries about exactly what is gun control and what we should know about it.

After a series of tragic large scale shootings, including Virginia Tech in 2007, the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and 18 others in 2011, the deaths of 12 people at a movie theater in Colorado in July 2012, and the Sandy hook Elementary School shootings in 2013, bills were introduced, but went no where.

However, in January, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York and state lawmakers agreed on changes to gun laws that would expand the state’s ban on assault weapons and include new measures to keep guns away from people with mental illnesses. Approval of the legislation made New York the first state to act in response to the shootings.

While some see this is a progressive step forward, others see this as a direct violation of the second constitutional amendment. While gun statistics suggest that violent crime using fire arm has gone down significantly, according to Science 2.0, where America is dropping the ball is in the area of mental health. In each case of mass murder in the last 20 years, the perpetrators were taking powerful psychotropic medications, indicating severe systemic mental illness.

The real issue could be seen as the media. Media exposure in our daily lives tends to expand every issue, including gun control, into a larger deal than need be. This quickly leads to more people taking more actions and taking more action than ever before. This applies to all issues, not just gun control. While there appears to be no clear cut solution to the gun control debate, there appears to be major head way being made, suggesting we are not far from a conclusion.

Why the Gun Control Debate Still Rages On

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What is gun control

As the gun control debate rages on, people often automatically pick a side. There are people who believe firmly in the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution that everyone has the right to bear arms, and then there are those who believe that this amendment has been interpreted in the wrong way or that it was intended for a very different time. Whatever these people’s individual beliefs may be, the gun control debate is as hot as it has ever been, since over the past year there have been some devastating shootings that have captured the nation’s attention.

These shootings include those of innocent children, of people shopping at malls, and of people heading out for a night at the movies only to succumb to the hands of a person with a handgun or machine gun. They have thrown the gun control debate into the national spotlight once again too, as have the recent U.S. political elections, with each party taking a side and a strong stance. But now that the nation has turned its eye toward the U.S. government to help figure out what to do with our nation’s potential problem with guns, some gun control facts coming to the surface only muddy the gun control debate further.

Of course, various gun control statistics are compiled by national and regional organizations with heavy interests on either side of the gun control debate and independent agencies too, but these statistics are only part of the overall gun control debate. There are other considerations too, like defining what is gun control in the first place and determining who has control over who when purchasing guns, when getting licenses, and when purchasing associated merchandise. Everyone has widely varying opinions on these numbers and on who would be in control of purchasing and registering for guns, even though certain federal agencies are responsible for this anyway. There needs to be change in one direction or the other, and no one debates this. Finding the answer, however, is far more complex.

In the overall gun control debate, each side has taken a strong stance. Those against stricter gun control laws fight fervently that their second amendment rights will be taken away. Those in favor of stronger laws argue that putting more restrictions on buying and selling guns will make it more difficult for people like the ones who caused national attention to purchase these firearms. Both sides have a point, but until a solution is found the gun control debate will continue to rage on.

What Is Gun Control?

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Gun control debate

If you are wondering “what is gun control?,” gun control can essentially be defined as efforts to control or regulate the sale of guns. Several recent mass shootings in the US have intensified the gun control debate within the country. Levels of gun related violence in the US are quite high in comparison to other industrialized nations. Some feel that gun control could help to reduce these levels of violence.

When considering what is gun control, as well as what kind of control should be implemented, there are several different things to consider. First of all there here are many gun control facts and gun control statistics. Approximately 70 to 80 million Americans own guns, 45 million of whom are estimated to own hand guns. It is estimated that between 40 percent and 45 percent of US households have a gun. In total, there are between 270 million and 300 million guns owned in America, which translate to almost one gun per every citizen. However, it is important to note that gun ownership is declining overall.

The US is engaging in a n ongoing debate, asking what is gun control and how it should be implemented. There is currently legislation pending in Congress that would further control firearms. Some state, such as New York, have already passed legislation further restricting the sale and ownership of firearms. Interestingly, approximately 78 percent Percent of Americans favored making the sale of firearms “more strict” in 1990, though today this number has declined. In 2010, a poll conducted by Gallup found this number to be at 44 percent . It is important to note that US states with stricter gun control laws tend to experience less homicides involving guns. Overall, the debate in the US, involving questions such as what is gun control and how do we decrease violent gun crimes and better regulate gun owner hips, is likely to continue.