Can We Gun Control Facts?

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Gun death

Can we ignore gun control facts. We can, only if we are not concerned with the safety of our family members and our own safety. The picture presented by gun control facts is definitely disturbing. Overall, gun crime statistics show that uncontrolled gun ownership increases the danger of gun violence. Since this is contrary to the argument put forth by pro gun control groups that owning guns can be an ideal way for a person to protect himself and his family from possible attack by criminal elements, these groups prefer to ignore gun control facts rather than counter them with sound arguments.

If you read any gun control article, you will come across gun death statistics that will be shocking. These statistics bring out the fact that when we compare the number of gun deaths as a ratio of the population of a country, the United States ranks below South Africa. This fact should be embarrassing to all American citizens since the US is a much more advanced country than South Africa and is far ahead of South Africa in various fields. Some countries have implemented strict gun control laws and the gun control facts collected from these countries show that these laws have been able to arrest not only the occurrence of murders but of suicides as well. This is a point we need to think about because this shows the danger of the gun in a house being used by someone living in that house for committing suicide, while being under the influence of emotions. We should support gun control in the interest of the safety of our own family members.

But whatever gun control facts may say, some groups are determined to be adamant in their opposition to gun control. They cite the 2nd amendment which has given the people of the US the right to own guns, in support of their stand. But they ignore the fact that this law was mostly created by people with no background in law and hence cannot be considered sacrosanct. The leader of the pro gun lobby, the NRA (National Rifles Association) threatens legislators with certain defeat in the primaries if they do not back the stand of the NRA. The fact that some legislators are drafting rules making the task of studying gun violence difficult for independent bodies like the CDC shows that these legislators have yielded to the NRA threat.

Should We Not Prevent Gun Death?

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Gun control facts

Gun death is a consequence of a crime and should therefore be viewed with distaste. Any society should be greatly concerned with gun deaths, especially if they occur in large numbers, as gun crime statistics indicate. If we are serious about curbing the occurrence of people getting killed by guns, we should strive to make gun control laws stronger. If only we take a look at the gun control facts, we will understand why gun control is the need of the hour.

Gun death statistics indicate several disturbing things about gun ownership. Let us begin by looking at the extent of gun ownership in the United States. In all countries we have people owning guns. But if we compare the number of guns in a country in relation to its population, the data for the US present an abnormal picture. America has a population that forms about 5 percent of the population of the world. But the number of guns in our country is half the number of total number of privately owned guns in the world! With such a highly abnormal gun ownership, it is not surprising that gun death has become such a serious problem in the United States.

Some people advocate unrestricted gun ownership on the ground that gun being a weapon that can protect people from being attacked by criminals, the more guns we have, the less will be the incidence of crime. There is no evidence to corroborate this bizarre claim. On the contrary, information on gun death shows the opposite to be true. The more guns there are in a region, the greater is the number of crimes reported in that region. Gun death is not a problem that affects only individuals. It also has a catastrophic effect on the country’s economy as well. Gun control articles have brought out the fact that the US has been losing a huge sum of 3.7 billion dollars every year by way of damages resulting from gun deaths.

Gun control opponents do not seem to be concerned about gun death. Opposition to strong gun control laws is being led by the National Rifles Association (NRA). The attitude and the actions of the NRA make people question the claim of this association to be a club and rather deem it to be a highly paid lobbyist body.