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Gun control article

Some new gun control articles have come up recently. These articles have a refreshing approach to the subject of gun control. They do not stop with listing gun control pros and cons and leaving it to the readers to draw their own conclusions. These gun control articles make a threadbare analysis of the issue of gun control. They do deal with gun control facts like other articles on the subject do. But they also go into the attitude of the people interested in the issue and examine their actions objectively. This is what I find refreshing about these gun control articles.

I would like to share some of what I have read in these gun control articles. These articles carried some shocking gun death statistics relating to the number of deaths from gun crime in the United States. Every year, about 30,000 people have been dying of gun deaths in the United States. Another disturbing fact relating to gun crime statistics I came across in these gun control articles was that nearly 40 percent of the children are aware of the whereabouts of the guns in their houses. I find it disturbing because the prospect of some children getting hold of guns owned by their parents is so real that we need to consider the consequences of such a situation.

This was not the only disturbing news. Another piece of gun crime statistics I found in these gun control articles was that in areas that had a high proportion of gun owning population, the likelihood of women and children becoming victims of gun violence was found to be quite high. With so much of evidence showing that allowing people to own guns with no restrictions can only cause grief to many people including the family members of the gun owners, one would expect the pro gun ownership groups to relent. But these groups continue to maintain that guns will give protection to the owners and thus will indirectly bring down crime, despite the fact that there is no evidence to support this theory. In fact, all evidence shows only the opposite to be true.

Whatever gun control articles may say, organizations like the NRA (National Rifles Association) continue to maintain their opposition to gun control. Given this kind of an attitude, the NRA can only be considered a highly paid lobby, though it may claim to be an association of sportsmen.

How To Interpret Gun Control Facts?

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Gun control articles

What are gun control facts and how to interpret them? This may be a question in the minds of people who have been exposed to a plethora of information on and arguments about various aspects of gun control. Gun control facts deal with gun ownership and gun crime. They include gun crime statistics and arguments on the need for stricter gun control laws. Since everyday we are flooded with gun death statistics and various kinds of arguments, an average citizen may find gun control facts to be mind boggling. But we should understand that gun crime affects everyone and each of us should take a stand on the gun control issue. To do this, we should know how to interpret gun control facts and what conclusions we can draw.

If you find understanding gun control facts difficult, you can go through some gun control articles. These articles present gun control pros and cons in a simple and understandable way. I give below the gist of gun control facts I found in a well written gun control article.

People who advocate uncontrolled gun ownership usually make a plea that guns give protection to people against crimes and thus help in reducing crime. This is a theoretical argument based on an assumption. I call it theoretical because it is not an empirical argument based on practical examples. Not only is there no evidence for this but the available evidence speaks against this as well. Studies have clearly shown that in areas that have more guns, not only murders but also suicides are on the rise. Thus, allowing people to own guns without any restriction, far from reducing crime, seems to be helping people to commit suicides by making guns readily available to them.

Another startling information we can find from articles discussing gun control facts is that many more children are getting killed by guns in ares that have proportionally higher gun ownership rates. Thus, the correlation between gun ownership and gun crimes seems to be well established. But opponents of gun control refuse to look at the picture presented by gun control facts. Organizations like the NRA (National Rifles Association) have been adamant in their stand. The NRA has even said that it will not compromise on its opposition to gun control. Given this attitude, the NRA has to be considered not as an association of sportsmen but as a paid lobby.