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Do You Want to Sort Fact from Fiction in the Gun Control Debate?

Written by What Is Gun Control on September 1, 2013. Posted in Homepage

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In the wake of several tragedies and mass shootings, the nation is deeply entrenched in a gun control debate. But what is gun control, and why is there a debate? Gun control is the act of regulating or controlling how guns are sold. Many Americans believe that guns should be more closely regulated, and many Americans are afraid that their rights will be taken away if gun control becomes too strict. This is the premise of the debate.

Both sides of this debate have valid reasons for their positions, and very often feel strongly about the issues. Because the debate is so polarized, it can be difficult to sort the fact from the fiction and find unbiased gun control facts. If you would like to become more educated about the debate, you will have to approach what information you find with skepticism. Here a