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How Both Sides Use Gun Control Facts To State Their Cases

Written by What Is Gun Control on April 20, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Gun control facts

With the gun control debate raging on in Congress and with virtually every household in America having its own opinion on the matter, various gun control facts are being thrown around to solidify one argument or another about whether to intensify gun control tactics and regulations or whether to keep them the way they are and instead focus more on other efforts to keep guns out of schools and out of the wrong hands.

On the one hand, someone for lesser gun control restrictions would advocate for gun control facts that showed that no matter what we do to try and control guns getting into the wrong hands, they will still get there. Even both sides often agree that people who really want guns will eventually find ways to get them, and in the gun violence era kids will still find guns in their parents’ closets and will still be exposed to guns in other peoples’ homes. Whether or not stronger laws for controlling where guns go exist, as those in favor of lesser restrictions attest, people wanting guns will find them anyway.

On the other hand, people advocating for stronger restrictions will use gun control statistics showing how other nations have successfully developed federal and private programs to keep guns out of the wrong hands. The gun control facts that this side throws around help to solidify their argument that the more we keep tabs on who is buying guns and what they are doing with them, the better off we are. These gun control facts for these people also point to the background checks that would be performed should stronger legislation come into effect, which would effectively prevent some people, including those who are mentally unstable, from purchasing guns.

As this extremely emotional debate lives on, with the one side using gun control facts to argue that there are other ways to reduce gun violence and the other side saying that this country needs to do something to stop guns from being easily bought and sold out in the open to people who should not have them, others still wonder what is gun control and how will it solve anything? So yes, there still are people on the fence on this subject, because they look at this debate as something that is not all that cut and dried or black and white and something that has more of a gray tinge to it.

Gun Control Statistics

Written by What Is Gun Control on April 15, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Gun control statistics

The issue of gun control has always sparked debates between people who are against gun control and people who are for gun control. While both sides may seem to put forth valid points arguing their case, it is important to get familiar with gun control statistics. Recent studies show that 50 percent of the people surveyed said it is important to have strict gun control. Only 46 percent of the people surveyed said it is important o protect the rights of gun owners. Each state has their own laws and regulations governing how people are able to purchase and own firearms.

Connecticut, for instance, has a 14 day waiting period on people who purchase firearms. South Dakota only has a 48 hour waiting period on gun buyers. Not every single state in America requires gun owners to register their guns. California is one state that requires gun owners to register their guns while Washington only requires registration for handguns only. Understanding gun control facts is the first step towards understanding whether stricter gun laws will work or not. The gun control debate often brings in issues like how Chicago has one of the Nation’s highest crime rates while at the same time having the strictest gun laws.

Plenty of blogs and other websites provide gun control statistics in a comprehensible format so that people can better understand this issue. If you are looking up gun control statistics, be sure to compare those statistics with other sites. The last thing you want to do is get a skewed few on the numbers. What is gun control going to do for us? That is the question that everyone thinks they have the answer. There really is not anything new about the gun control debate and firearms are under constant attack because of the latest shootings in America. More on gun control statistics is available online.