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Why the Gun Control Debate Still Rages On

Written by What Is Gun Control on February 10, 2013. Posted in Homepage

What is gun control

As the gun control debate rages on, people often automatically pick a side. There are people who believe firmly in the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution that everyone has the right to bear arms, and then there are those who believe that this amendment has been interpreted in the wrong way or that it was intended for a very different time. Whatever these people’s individual beliefs may be, the gun control debate is as hot as it has ever been, since over the past year there have been some devastating shootings that have captured the nation’s attention.

These shootings include those of innocent children, of people shopping at malls, and of people heading out for a night at the movies only to succumb to the hands of a person with a handgun or machine gun. They have thrown the gun control debate into the national spotlight once again too, as have the recent U.S. political elections, with each party taking a side and a strong stance. But now that the nation has turned its eye toward the U.S. government to help figure out what to do with our nation’s potential problem with guns, some gun control facts coming to the surface only muddy the gun control debate further.

Of course, various gun control statistics are compiled by national and regional organizations with heavy interests on either side of the gun control debate and independent agencies too, but these statistics are only part of the overall gun control debate. There are other considerations too, like defining what is gun control in the first place and determining who has control over who when purchasing guns, when getting licenses, and when purchasing associated merchandise. Everyone has widely varying opinions on these numbers and on who would be in control of purchasing and registering for guns, even though certain federal agencies are responsible for this anyway. There needs to be change in one direction or the other, and no one debates this. Finding the answer, however, is far more complex.

In the overall gun control debate, each side has taken a strong stance. Those against stricter gun control laws fight fervently that their second amendment rights will be taken away. Those in favor of stronger laws argue that putting more restrictions on buying and selling guns will make it more difficult for people like the ones who caused national attention to purchase these firearms. Both sides have a point, but until a solution is found the gun control debate will continue to rage on.